Advance Series Hose


1. Five layers. More rigidity to amplify rider input for maximum power.
2. The hose is full Nylon covered clear to prevent wear and retain it’s beauty with colorful metallic covered yarn.
3. Easily cuttable.
4. Sleek, stylish and light weight.
5. Increases rider safety.
6.Available to fit most popular makes and models of hydraulic brake.



Layers     :Five

Materials:PVDF innercore+ Kevlar braid +Tenacity Polyester Yard spiral wrap +High Tenacity Metallic Covered Yarn braid+   Nylon jacket

Specs.     :Ø2.1mm*5.0mm / Ø2.3mm*5.0mm / Ø2.5mm*5.4mm

Colors     :Golden,Silver, Black,Blue, Pink, Red


Code        :  GO   SL    BL      BU     PI     RE